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Monday 11 February - My Brexit Dilemma
Since Britain voted to leave the European Union, many people have considered getting a passport from an EU country they have some connection with. This can be for many reasons, from shorter airport queues to the ability to live and work abroad. Adrian Goldberg is a BBC reporter. His father was German and came to the UK on Kindertransport just before the start of the Second World War. For Adrian, Brexit has raised a dilemma: should he get a German passport? (BBC)

Tuesday 12 February - Sweeping the World
All around the world the broom is a ubiquitous object used for sweeping homes, places of work and worship. It is so ordinary, so everyday, that a huge range of idioms, traditions and beliefs in the power of sweeping have appeared. Award-winning poet, Imtiaz Dharker presents a reflective evocation in words, sound and music of the broom in many cultures. (BBC)

Wednesday 13 February - The Chase #3 of 4 
Trouble in Paradise:  The atoll of Tetiaro is a string of tiny islands in French Polynesia, about 60km away from Tahiti. The islands – known as ‘motus’ to local Polynesians – are unique ecosystems that are crucial nesting sites for native seabirds. But invasive species threaten to disrupt these fragile environments – a fate seen across many islands in the Pacific (BBC)

Thursday 14 February - High Stakes Cakes
What drives people to stake their livelihood on sponge? Three cake makers discuss the pressure and privilege of creating show-stopping centrepieces for major celebrations. From a perfect replica of a cow to a cake hanging from the ceiling, they reveal the engineering and money that go into some of the most formidable bakes. (BBC)