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Monday 28 January - Closing Uganda’s Orphanages
Uganda is a country that has seen massive growth in the number of ‘orphanages’ providing homes to children, despite the number of orphans there decreasing. It is believed 80% of children now living in orphanages have at least one living parent. The majority of the hundreds of orphanages operating in Uganda are illegal, unregistered and now are in a fight with the government trying to shut them down (BBC)

Tuesday 29 January - Solving Alzheimers #2 of 3
The second part of the series Solving Alzheimers examines how governments will find the money and workers to care for peopkle living with Alzheimers. Dementia is now a trillion-dollar disease, and with the numbers of people living with the condition doubling every 20 years, the burden will fall unevenly on developing countries where the growth rate is fastest. (BBC)

Wednesday 30 January - The Chase #1 of 4
1. Eye in the Sky - the story behind SOFIA a very unusual observatory. It’s a 747 aircraft with a hatch in the side, which opens in flight to reveal a large, custom-built telescope – carefully engineered to work inside a moving jet plane. (BBC)

Thursday 31 January - Uncut: Butchers Talk Chop
Carving up carcasses and slicing up flesh. Day in, day out. Doling out blood for pet leeches, and helpings of animals brains. What drives people to do it? And why do they see themselves as animal lovers, and therapists?  Emily Thomas meets three butchers from Limerick, Lagos and Brooklyn to find out what it’s really like to be a butcher. (BBC)