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Monday 21 January - France, Algeria and the battle for truth
An 87 year old widow’s sixty year campaign for the French state to take responsibility for her husband’s death in the Algerian War. (BBC)

Tuesday 22 January - Solving Alzheimers #1 of 3
Alzheimers is a major economic challenge to governments and health-care providers around the world, and will force some fundamental rethinking on how we care for sufferers. Few of us will escape the impact of Alzheimer’s Disease. One in three - maybe even one in two of us - will then get dementia and forget almost everything we ever knew. And the lucky others? They will probably end up caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia. In the first episode of the 3-part series, Solving Alzheimer's we explore how fear in some parts of the world is stigmatising those who have it, and denying help to those who need it. But also how to overcome the fear. (BBC)

Wednesday 23 January - Africa’s Drone Experiment
In East Africa momentum is building over the idea of drone delivery in hard to reach places. In the island of Juma near Mwanza, one of hundreds of remote inhabited islands in the vast expanse of Lake Victoria, an ambitious new drone project called the Lake Victoria Challenge (backed by international organisations like The World Bank and the private sector) is taking place. Technology reporter Jane Wakefield visits Juma to see first-hand how the concept could work and asks are they going to be a lifeline for Africa's neglected rural communities? (BBC)

Thursday 24 January - Is Product Placement Getting in Your Face?
Food is a powerful narrative device in film and product placement is highly lucrative. Put the two together and show business becomes big business for the food industry. Emily Thomas finds out how the product placement of food in film has changed over time and where it’s headed, as new technology makes it ever easier for audiences to avoid traditional forms of advertising. (BBC)