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Monday 7 January - New York's Flower Market: Things my Father Loved
What does it take to make a living in the New York flower market? Cathy FitzGerald finds out (BBC)

Tuesday 8 January - Winning it Big
Does money make you happy? Mike Thomson meets lottery winners around the globe to find out if they're happier than the rest of us (BBC)

Wednesday 9 January - Restaurant Critics
Emily Thomas brings together a straight-talking crowd who are not afraid to ruffle a few feathers - even when they belong to the world’s most successful restaurateurs and chefs Three restaurant critics from across the world don't hold back as they swap notes on the job, divulge the tricks of the trade, and confess whether they are ever left with a bad taste in their mouth after writing a scathing review We hear how different the role of the restaurant critic is depending on where you are in the world - and how it might change in the future (BBC)

Thursday 10 January - The Brazilian Footballer Who Never Was
How one boy’s dream was cut short by the beautiful game’s ugly prejudice in Brazil (BBC)