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Monday 24 December - What Would You Do With $100?
What do our plans for spending $100 reveal about us and the buying power of money? Lesley Curwen travels to Washington DC where the $100 note is printed In the city, she meets Maurice Abbey Bey, a former drug user now charity worker who would spend his imaginary $100 on both a necessity and a small luxury, while Margarita Womack, a former scientist turned entrepreneur would use her imaginary $100 to relax, away from her hectic daily life (BBC)

Tuesday 25 December - Spy Ship: The Capture of the USS Pueblo
The forgotten story of the capture of the American spy ship USS Pueblo and its crew; captured, tortured and held prisoner for 11 months by North Korean forces fifty years ago (BBC)

Wednesday 26 December - Behind the (Food) Scenes
Three top food stylists - all of whom have ghost-written and cooked on behalf of the world’s top chefs - step out from behind the scenes Emily Thomas talks to Rob Allison, Nicole Herft and Abi Fawcett Between them they’ve worked for most of the world’s best known chefs including Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson and Heston Blumenthal (BBC)

Thursday 27 December - DNA, Me and the Family Tree
Tracing your ancestry is one of the most popular hobbies in the USA and the results are now revealing far more than many had bargained for (BBC)