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Monday 17 December - Stories on the Rocks
Somaliland’s rich archaeological heritage was practically unknown 15 years ago. Now thanks to Dr. Sada Mire, Somali archaeologist and author, medieval Islamic towns, pre-Islamic Christian burial sites, and pre-historic cave paintings have been uncovered. One of them, Laas Geel, has been described as one of the most important rock-art sites in eastern Africa. Dr Sada Mire takes us there to see astonishing rock paintings more than 5000 years old in near perfect condition. But they remain threatened by terrorists. (BBC)

Tuesday 18 December - When You Tire of Tech
Our lives are consumed more and more by the online world whether it be for entertainment or every day activities. For some people it becomes too much.  Musician turned braodcaster Ana Matronic visits a retreat for people who have tired of tech. (BBC)

Wednesday 19 December - Taking the Buzz out of Coffee
A former-coffee lover goes on the hunt for a decent cup without the buzz, and discovers why it's so hard to get flavour without a fix.  Emily Thomas delves into the complex art of caffeine extraction and discovers that taste is not the only challenge when it comes to taking the bounce out of a bean. The environmental and economic costs of decaf coffee soon add up, meaning a cup may carry a higher carbon footprint and be made with cheaper beans than the full-blooded stuff. (BBC)

Thursday 20 December - China's Hidden Camps
The BBC gains rare access to a region of China where Uighur Muslims are being held without trial. Using detailed satellite analysis and reporting from a part of the country where journalists are routinely detained and harassed; China correspondent John Sudworth offers his in-depth report on China's Hidden Camps. (BBC)