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Monday 26 November - Argentina’s Feminist Tango
Argentina is on the brink of a female-led revolution, and in Buenos Aires women are fighting for an equal footing every-where, from the institutions of government to the Tango hall. Since 2015 political pressure around women’s rights has peaked, following a string of horrifying femicides. It spawned a social media movement #NiUnaMenos, and continent-wide strikes and protests. But it is not an easy task fighting for gender equality in one of the most macho cultures in the world. Femicide rates are still shockingly high, and economic inequality is worsening as Argentina’s finances nosedive.  Katy Watson speaks to the activists who started this latest feminist wave, to women who have escaped violence, to a self-proclaimed reformed macho man, and explores how tango – the proud national dance of Argentina - is being re-interpreted with equality in mind.(BBC)

Tuesday 27 November - The Genius of Accidents #3 The Coelacanth
The coelacanth is a fish that, until 1938, was only known from the fossil record until a young South African curator named Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer found one - only just deceased - on the deck of a fishing boat. Adam Hart speaks with ichthyologists and curators who knew Marjorie, putting together the story of how a curious mind, determination and a bit of luck saved this 'living fossil' for science. (BBC)

Wednesday 28 November – The Number One Ladies’ Landmine Agency
After Donald Trump’s recent call for Spain to build a wall across the Sahara Desert to curb African migration into Europe, we follow a unique group of Sahrawi women working alongside the world’s longest minefield, the 2,700km sand wall or berm built by Morocco across the region. We join Baba, Minetou, Nora and the team working in temperatures exceeding 42°c (107°f), hundreds of miles from even rudimentary medical care, as they risk their lives in Western Sahara’s so-called “Liberated Territories” east of the Berm, clearing some of the seven million landmines and unexploded bombs left over from the still unresolved conflict between Morocco and the ethnic Sahrawi liberation movement, the Polisario Front. (BBC)

Thursday 29 November – Changing Realities
How is global media consumption being transformed by new technology? Aleks Krotoski explores new realities – virtual and augmented – and asks if smart speakers will change how we listen. Will innovation change how content is produced and open up new business opportunities? (BBC)