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Monday 5 November - The Dark Sides of American Democracy
Giles Edwards travels to North Carolina to investigate whether new voting laws and partisan district maps could swing November’s elections. Over the last two decades the controversy over voting laws has become increasingly bitter. President Trump regularly complains about unfair rules and illegal votes, and North Carolina has become a key location where these arguments play out. (BBC)

Tuesday 6 November - West Africa’s Fish Famine
Fish catches along the coast of Senegal are collapsing after overfishing, mainly by foreign trawlers. Whilst in Mauritania a massive industry is consuming the region’s fish. Alfonso Daniels is on assignment in both countries and discovers increasing scarcity threatens millions with malnutrition. As fish stocks collapse and powerful interests vie for those that remain, ordinary Africans are paying the price. (BBC)

Wednesday 7 November -  Is Tunisia’s Media Freedom in Danger?
In the first of a four part series for Global Business on the media around the world, Marie Keyworth is in Tunisia to explore what has happened to Tunisia’s new found TV and radio freedom after its revolution. (BBC)  

Thursday 8 November - I Took on the Food Industry
A powerful colossus is controlling most of what we eat. Who has the guts to take it on?  Emily Thomas meets three people who have gone up against the food industry. From following trucks across Thailand to expose slavery in the fishing industry, to going undercover in Europe to reveal the hidden ingredients in processed food, to finding their phones have been infiltrated by spyware, these are people prepared to take risks. (BBC)