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Monday 8 October - A Life Alone
Christopher de Bellaigue de Bellaigue presents an exploration of loneliness – told through a conversation with one woman – his 94 year old aunt, Diana. (BBC)

Tuesday 9 October - Sound Odyssey #2 of 4
The second programme of a  the  Sound  Odyssey in which  Gemma Cairney leads British artists into musical collaborations with different musicians around the world.  Tonight, Musician and actor Johnny Flynn  joins  the Colombian accordion legend of Cumbia,  Carmelo Torres to combine his British folk storytelling with the folk sounds of Colombia. The aim, to see if they can overcome language barriers and cultural differences to create a new track together in just two days. (BBC)

Wednesday 10 October - Don't Shoot, I'm Disabled
Hundreds of people are killed by the police in the US each year. Much of the media attention has been on the race of victims, but there is another disturbing pattern to the deaths. A large number of those killed in interactions with police have a disability, with some research suggesting the figure is as much as half of the total number.  This programme investigates why and finds some deep seated issues concerning not just police culture, but also concerning the attitudes of society as a whole towards the disabled. (BBC)

Thursday 11 October -  Eating Disorders
In the first of two episodes to explore the rising prevalence of eating disorders outside of the western world, Emily Thomas speaks to women with the illness in China and Hong Kong, who explain how hard it is to access support for binge-eating disorder, bulimia and anorexia, because of attitudes to food and weight, taboos around mental health, and a lack of treatment options. They describe the pressure on women to be ‘small’ and ‘diminutive’, but still take part in the country’s deeply entrenched eating culture. (BBC)