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Monday 1 October - Model X
Every year thousands of young girls, inspired by social media promoting the lavish modelling lifestyle, come to Paris Fashion Week dreaming of walking the catwalk for a big designer brand. Only a few will succeed. Former model and now BBC journalist, Alina Isachenka, follows 17-year-old schoolgirl Anna Vasileva from the city of Nizhny Novgorod in Russia on her challenging journey through tough competition and over-demanding casting directors to the top of the fashion industry. (BBC)

Tuesday 2 October - Sound Odyssey #1 of 4
A four part  series where  musicians create something new in different and unfamiliar surroundings, with an artist they have never met before. In the first programme Nadine Shah, a British Muslim artist, travels to Beirut to collaborate with Lebanese singer songwriter and musicologist Youmna Saba. Their challenge is to create a track together in Beirut in just two days. (BBC)

Wednesday 3 October - Macedonia: What’s in a Name?
The name Macedonia is hotly disputed by two neighbouring nations. The Greek province of Macedonia and the country calling itself the Republic of Macedonia border Lake Prespa. The villagers on the lake’s shores share a language and a culture, but it is impossible to cross or drive around the lake because of the dispute with Greece over the Republic’s name. Maria Margaronis visits both sides of the lake to find out why this issue is so contentious - and how a painful history is being exploited by the far-right, politicians, and other interests on both sides. (BBC)

Thursday 4 October - Restaurant Critics
Emily Thomas brings together a straight-talking crowd who are not afraid to ruffle a few feathers - even when they belong to the world’s most successful restaurateurs and chefs. Three restaurant critics from across the world don't hold back as they swap notes on the job, divulge the tricks of the trade, and confess whether they are ever left with a bad taste in their mouth after writing a scathing review. We hear how different the role of the restaurant critic is depending on where you are in the world - and how it might change in the future. (BBC)