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Monday 24 September - The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography #2 of 2
Editor David Cannadine takes us behind the scenes at the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (ODNB) to examine why this late Victorian Institution with thousands upon thousands of detailed and vivid entries about the great and the good is still relevant in the internet age. We hear the processes by which candidates are selected for inclusion, how the style and content have changed over the years and why, in a period which tries to look beyond the praise of famous men and women, there is still a place for a publication that unashamedly does just that. (BBC)

Tuesday 25 September -The Changing Face of Procreation #2 of 2
How humans make babies could be about to change, thanks to advances in IVF and reproductive technology. Krupa Padhy meets the new kinds of families that could become the norm, and explores how reproductive technology may soon alter the way all of us make babies. (BBC)

Wednesday 26 September - Generation Identity
Simon Cox is in Austria where the authorities have launched an unprecedented operation against a new far right youth organisation, Generation Identity. The Austrian group is at the heart of a new pan European movement that is vehemently opposed to Muslims and immigration. GI says it is not racist or violent. In Germany more than 100 offences have been committed by its members in just over a year. (BBC)

Thursday 27 September - Going Off Cow's Milk?
Emily Thomas asks whether we’re on a slow but steady path to abandoning our pervasive, long-standing, and arguably slightly peculiar habit of drinking milk from cows. In many European countries and the US, alternative plant-based milks are growing in popularity, and cow's milk sales are declining. (BBC)