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Monday 17 September - The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography #1 of 2
The fascinating entries and story of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.  Editor David Cannadine takes us behind the scenes at the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (ODNB) to examine why this late Victorian institution, with thousands upon thousands of detailed and vivid entries about the great and the good, is still relevant in the internet age (BBC)

Tuesday 18 September - The Changing Face of Procreation #1 of 2
The Changing Face of Procreation #1 of 2
The first of a two part series "The Changing Face of Procreation"  - Krupa Padhy meets the scientists that are at the cutting edge of reproductive medicine and examines the alternative paths being taken to create a family including 'snow babies' conceived from frozen embryos that in some cases are decades old.  In this programme she examines where we have got to after 40 years of IVF. (BBC)

Wednesday 19 September -Chile - Sexual Abuse, Secrets and Lies
Sex abuse allegations implicating priests threaten to capsize the Chilean Catholic Church. Assignment meets survivors of sexual abuse, whistle-blowers and devout Catholics, and explores a story that continues to haunt the Francis papacy. (BBC)

Thursday 20 September - Widowed
In the second of two episodes on food and grief, Emily Thomas explores the food experiences of the widowed. (BBC)