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Monday 3 September - Neighbourhood - The Battle for the Future of Lagos
The story of one of the most ambitious, privatised cities in West Africa, which involves dredging up millions of tons of sand to build 10 square kilometres of land off the coast of Lagos. (BBC)
Tuesday 4 September - Besieged
Over the last seven years as many as a million people in Syria lived under siege. The walls that stopped them fleeing also prevented many of their stories leaking to the outside world. Over recent years, Mike Thomson has been using internet links and social media to get inside these isolated and often forgotten places. He has garnered compelling and moving interviews with residents in some of the hardest to reach places. We hear from long besieged Daraya, Eastern Ghouta, and IS surrounded Yarmouk to Eastern Aleppo, Madaya, Homs and Raqqa. With great fortitude and bravery many people told Mike their stories as bombs shook the walls around them. (BBC)
Wednesday 5 September - Uganda’s Prison Farms
Ed Butler reports from Uganda where most of the country’s 54,000 inmates are now serving an economic purpose, working for the benefit of an elite collection of private farmers and other business interests – even though half of them have not been convicted of any crime. He speaks to current and former prisoners to find out how the system works, and asks: is the country breaking its international pledges on prisoner treatment? (BBC)

Thursday 6 September -  Rethinking the Celebrity Chef
The modern celebrity chef has a finger in a lot of pies - multiple restaurant chains, merchandise, cookery books, TV programmes, even campaigning and charity work -  and  a number of them now have fortunes running into hundreds of millions of dollars -  something that the renowned chefs of 30 years ago couldn't have even imagined. But as home cooks increasingly look to culinary amateurs with blogs and online videos, where does that leave the ‘celebrity chef’? (BBC)