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Monday 6 August - Fake Marriages for Real Homes
Among the 22 million people who get to call Mumbai home, those who are not in conventional heterosexual marriages are morally discredited and excluded from flat rentals. So, even in cosmopolitan Mumbai, couples who are not married, are forced to spin an elaborate web of deception.  This is the first programme of a five part series called Neighbourhood - a collaboration between the Sundance Institute and BBC World Service exploring the complexities of neighbourhood across the globe. (BBC)

Tuesday 7 August - Where are You Going? Tokyo
In a three part series Catherine Carr uncovers people’s stories by asking them one simple question: “Where Are You Going?” For this series she travels to the Korean Peninsula and begins her snapshot into people's lives in downtown Tokyo. (BBC)
Wednesday 8 August - Failures, Flops and Flaws
Thousands of new consumer products are launched every year, and most end in failure. These flops are rarely discussed, and quickly forgotten. The Museum of Failure in Sweden is taking a different approach, showcasing some of the world's most flawed products and services. Ruth Alexander talks to curator Samuel West, and some of the product designers, about what we can learn from commercial mistakes. (BBC)

Thursday 9 August - Science Stories #2 -  Urea and the Wöhler Myth
Philip Ball tells the story of German chemist Friedrich Wöhler’s creation of urea, an organic substance previously thought only to be produced by living creatures. (BBC)