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Monday 23 Jul -Out of Office: The Rise of the Digital Nomad
A new army of digital nomads is wandering the world. Equipped with a laptop and willing to work anywhere that has Wi-Fi and a low cost of living, they are changing the way millions think about the world of work. But how do firms and Governments adapt to a fast moving, ever changing highly skilled and paid workforce that doesn’t even recognise borders? And do digital nomads represent the future of work or a threat to taxation systems and therefore the nation state? The BBC's Jonty Bloom goes far and wide looking for answers.(BBC)

Tuesday 24 July -Kansas Child Politics
In the American state of Kansas, several teenagers have joined the race to be Governor even though they are too young to vote. Kansas has no lower age limit on running for the state’s top job and the youngsters say they want to energise other young people and boost youth involvement in politics. They come from Republican, Democratic and Independent backgrounds but their views, in a very conservative state, range far and wide across the ideological spectrum. .(BBC)

Wednesday 25 July -The Private Cities of Honduras
Luis Fajardo examines controversial plans to create privatised cities in the impoverished Central American country, Honduras. These new cities would have Western-style laws overseen by foreign judges in semi-autonomous enclaves. The hope is that they would offer stability and prosperity to Hondurans and international investors weary of violence, poverty  and chaos. Many condemned the initiative as thinly-veiled colonialism. But the current leaders of Honduras,  have begun laying down the legal groundwork for the plan. .(BBC)
Thursday 26 July -   A Tale of Two Axolotls #2 of 2
A convent of Mexican nuns is helping to save the one of the world's most endangered and most remarkable amphibians: the axolotl, a truly bizarre creature of serious scientific interest worldwide and an animal of deep-rooted cultural significance in Mexico. They have become adept and successful breeders of their local species of  salamander. .(BBC)