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Monday 18 June - José Andrés: My Life in Five Dishes
We meet the Michelin-starred chef who, when he hears word of a natural disaster, jumps on a plane to get there, rolls up his sleeves, and mobilises thousands to feed the hungry. José Andrés is the winner of our 2018 Global Food Champion Award. He is a man with many strings to his bow: Michelin-starred chef, TV personality, educator, serial entrepreneur, author, but it is his humanitarian work and ability to mobilise others in times of need that really won our listeners and the judges over(BBC)

Tuesday 19 June - Guatemala: After the Fire
Linda Pressly investigates the underlying tragedy behind a childrens home in Guatemala, on the outskirts of Guatemala City. On 8 March, 2017, a fire engulfed part of the Virgen de la Asuncion children’s home. Forty-one teenage girls died. A further 15 were seriously injured, and are still recovering from burns. The President of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, declared three days of national mourning. But the story that soon emerged revealed a child protection crisis of epic proportions(BBC)

Wednesday 20 June - The Commission
Fifty-four years on from a report into the assasination of John F Kennedy - there are still lingering doubts on the findings presented and whether the findings had been pre-determined. Vincent Dowd speaks to three men who worked on the report, now in their 80s - Burt Griffin, Sam Stern and Howard P.Willens - who now openly consider its merits and whether it uncovered the truth(BBC)

Thursday 21 June - Killing Insects #2 of 2
Insects such as fruit flies provide important insights into human biology and medicine. But should we worry whether insects experience pain and suffering in scientists’ hands? Entomologist Adam Hart explores the questions: should we give a second thought about the deaths of these creatures? Do insects have the capacity for pain and the experience of suffering? (BBC)