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Monday 11 June -   I Am The Bread Man
Dan Saladino meets the mastermind behind one of biggest bread research projects ever undertaken. Nathan Myhrvold spent four years researching, baking and collaborating with leading industry professionals to write Modernist Bread - a five-volume, global exploration of this great staple. (BBC)

Tuesday 12 June - Escaping EuropeA new smuggling route has opened up on the edge of Europe. Every week hundreds of Syrians are risking their lives to leave the continent and return home. Nawal Al-Maghafi joins refugees on the migration route to discover why so many people are choosing life in a warzone over the safety of Europe. (BBC)

Wednesday 13 June -  Hush
Our brakes screech, our airplanes drone, our trucks beep: we humans like to make a noise. So much so, in fact, that some experts believe there’s now nowhere left on the planet unaffected by our racket.  We hear from a soundscape specialist leading a project to bring a little hush back to the wild; from a sound ecologist who has devoted his life to recording the sounds of natural habitats before they disappear, and from George Michelsen Foy, author of Zero Decibels: The Quest for Absolute Silence. (BBC)

Thursday 14 June -  Killing Insects #1
Is it okay to kill bugs in the name of science? Entomologist Adam Hart explores the morality of experimenting with insects, and why scientists kill insects to save them from extinction.