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Monday 4 June - Kelis: My Life in Five Dishes
Emily Thomas from the BBC's Food Chain sits down with one of R&B’s most eccentric and compelling artists - singer-songwriter Kelis to talk food and her transition from singer-songwriter to cook at the Cordon Bleu Academy. We hear how she has struggled to make the culinary world take her seriously and why she thinks it’s ‘all about the sauce’(BBC).

Tuesday 5 June - Triple Score Wellington
Three years ago, Wellington Jighere, a 34-year-old from Nigeria, became the first African to win the World Scrabble Championship. Wellington now has bold dreams of how the board game can transform other’s lives in the way it did his own - and even help to remedy the nation’s developmental problems(BBC).

Wednesday 6 June - Is Eating Plants Wrong?
Plant scientists from around the world are coming up with mind-blowing findings, and claiming that plants cannot just sense, but communicate, learn and remember. Botanist James Wong explores these findings and asks whether, if plants can do all these things, and if, as one scientist says, they are a "who" and not a "what", then is it wrong to eat them?(BBC)

Thursday 7 June -The Witch Hunts of Papua New Guinea
In the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, people live in fear of persecution. They might be turned on by relatives, chased off their land by neighbours or brutally attacked by a mob. Why? They’re believed to be witches.  Emily Webb follows one local man – whose motive is intensely personal – on his difficult mission to save the “witches” of Papua New Guinea(BBC).