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Monday 21 May -Absolute Food #2 of 2
Food is propaganda in this episode of The Food Chain. In the second part of of an exploration into the relationship between political power and what we eat, Emily Thomas asks how food can be used by authoritarian regimes and extremist groups to influence and persuade.  We meet  food writer who takes us on an officially-approved tour of North Korea. And meet a man who spent ten days living - and eating with fighters from the Islamic State group. (BBC)

Tuesday 22 May - Shea Gold
Shea butter has become a preferred commodity for makers of skin products because of its natural healing properties and by confectioners as a cocoa butter substitute. But while we slap on body creams, bathe with soaps and enjoy sweets with shea butter extracts, how many of us know where the butter comes from and what life is like for the women who make it for income to support their families? Journalist and BBC Focus on Africa presenter Akwasi Sarpong heads to Ghana to hear the stories of rural women at the bottom of the pyramid of a multi-million dollar confectionery, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry relying on shea butter from Africa. (BBC)

Wednesday 23 May - Shades of Jewish in Israel
Israel gives all Jews the right to citizenship – but has it become less welcoming to African Jews?  The BBC's  David Baker investigates claims that decisions are being made not on the basis of ancestry or religious observance but on the colour of people’s skin. (BBC)

Thursday 24 May - The Macron Effect
When Emmanuel Macron followed up his victory in France’s presidential election with another win in the parliamentary elections, he looked set to carry out his promise to change France. BBC Paris correspondent, Lucy Williamson, looks at Macron’s first 12 months in office and examines what he is actually doing for France – and Europe. (BBC