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Copyright restrictions prevent us from making these programmes available as audio on demand or podcasts.

Monday 30 April - The Response: China
A selection of personal stories and observations by Chinese citizens responding to a social media invitation to tell us about their lives.  It's a potpourri of pieces recorded by ordinary Chinese people on their own smart-phones and sent direct to the producer  - No reporters, no studios. .(BBC)

Tuesday 1 May - Colin Powell: Learning to Lead
Outside his stellar military and political career, education for the disadvantaged has been Colin Powell's life mission.  His activities in this area focus principally on founding the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership where nearly 3000 students, most of them first generation scholars, the sons and daughters of immigrants, enjoy a university education and unique networking opportunities re-gardless of their ‘documented’ or ‘undocumented’ status. .(BBC)

Wednesday 2 May - Behaving Better Online
Science writer Gaia Vince meets the psychologists, evolutionary biologists and neuroscientists who are studying our built in human behaviour in groups and asks how their discoveries can guide projects to increase cooperation. .(BBC)

Thursday 3 May - Western Sahara’s Champion Athlete
Nicola Kelly travels to the remote outpost of Tindouf to meet champion runner Salah Ameidan,  and explore with him the complexities of living under occupation and in exile. Salah is an indigenous Saharawi  athlete,  who was forced to run under the flag of the occupying  Moroccans. At the end of a crucial race, victorious, he waved the Saharawi flag – illegal in Morocco – and was immediately exiled from the country  .(BBC)