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Monday 23 April - Claudia Roden: My Life in Five Dishes
Claudia Roden talks  about her life through five dishes, from a comfortable childhood in Cairo to exile in 1950s Britain. She explains how a longing for home led her to painstakingly collect recipes from across the Middle East, and how she turned them into classic cookbooks that have inspired generations of chefs. .(BBC)

Tuesday 24 April - - The Cooperative Species
Science writer  Gaia Vince travels to Yale University to meet the researchers who are studying how we cooperate today and why it can go wrong when we communicate online.(BBC)

Wednesday 25 April - Solutions for Peace
Could attempts to bring ordinary Israelis and Palestinians together be more successful in solving an apparently endless conflict than talks between politicians? The BBC World Hacks team visits the women behind an unusual fashion brand and a school designed to bring two communities together,. . . . . It also meets the ordinary people trying to negotiate their own peace agreement, and explores how the ancient game of backgammon is helping bridge divides.(BBC)

Thursday 26 April - The Mystery of Russia’s Lost Jihadi Brides
BBC Correspondent Tim Whewell travels to Russia to meet hundreds of desperate mothers awaiting for news of their missing daughters,  – jihadi brides who followed their husbands to Iraq and Syria to start a new life in the so-called Islamic State. Since the defeat of IS, many of those young women and their children have disappeared without trace.