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 Monday 16 April -The Global Trade Referee
Fears of a trade war are looming as the United States and China threaten each other with new tariffs - bringing into question the relevance of the global trade referee of the past few decades - the WTO. The BBC's Jonty Bloom asks:  What does the organisation actually do? Could the world survive without the WTO?  And how big of a threat is it under? (BBC)
Tuesday 17 April - Lusaka Fire and Rescue
Nick Miles explores how Zambia’s firemen and women work - at the only fire station in the city - in a city of ignored safety regulations and combustible shanty homes. (BBC)
Wednesday 18 April - Truth and the Commonwealth
What can be done to counter the spread of false and misleading information on social media? Sir David Spiegelhalter, Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at Cambridge University, talks to a group of the leading Commonwealth graduates about the challenges of assessing the truthfulness of claims in the news today. . (BBC)

Thursday 19 April - Islands on the Front Line
Regina Lepping travels around her homeland – the Solomon Islands – to discover much it  is on the front line of climate change. Sea levels here are rising three times faster than the global average, some islands have already been lost and people have had to relocate their homes. Regina speaks to islanders about water shortages, unpredictable weather and sea level rise, and finds out how country’s very young population are engaging with climate change in the face of others concerns such as unemployment.  (BBC)

Friday 20 April - The Child Saver of Mosul
In the half-destroyed city of Mosul, former stronghold of so-called Islamic State, a woman is on a mission to find and identify the thousands of children who went missing during the conflict – and reunite them with their families. It’s a massive task – and deeply controversial -  because she makes no distinction between children who are victims of IS – and those who belonged to IS families. .(BBC)