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Monday 9 April - Kenya's Basic Income Experiment
What happens if you give every adult in a village $22 a month, no strings attached, for 12 years? In rural Kenya, researchers are trying to find out. They're conducting the world's largest study of 'universal basic income' - giving 'free money' to nearly 200 villages, to see whether this could kick-start development and bring people out of poverty. (BBC)
Tuesday 10 April - Poking the Establishment
Since the Arab Spring, hopes for change have been dashed across much of the Arab world, but the revolts have unleashed online satire targeting social injustice, corruption and political leaders. And an increasing flow of uncomfortable material is being produced these days by young Arab satirists - sometimes putting them at risk of extreme reaction from those they lampoon. We look at their Satire and the dangers they face in our Documentary from the world. (BBC)
Wednesday 11 April - Telling Tales #3
Alongside the story of Odysseus and his trials on the  ten year long journey home after the battle of Troy,  we hear from contemporary refugees, currently caught in limbo, living in camps in modern day Greece, who speak of their own experiences and challenges as they leave one home and hope to find another. (BBC)
Thursday 12 April - Greece's Haven Hotel
There is a hotel  in Athens with 4,000 people on its waiting list for rooms. The roof leaks and the lifts are permanently out of action. None of the guests pay a penny, but everyone's supposed to help with the cooking and cleaning. It's the City Plaza, a seven-storey super squat housing 400 refugees from 16 different countries and the volunteers who support them. (BBC)