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Monday 19 March - The Life of Stephen Hawking

A look back at the life and thoughts of one of the greatest theoretical physicists of our age, Professor Stephen Hawking who died last Wednesday aged 76.

Tuesday 20 March - Grandma, Guyana and Me

A story of migration’s impact on three generations of women in one family.  BBC journalist Tiffany Sweeney was born and brought up in Britain. Her mother Maureen grew up in the South American nation of Guyana, but made the huge decision to emigrate to the UK as a young woman. Tiffany’s grandmother Habula still lives in the Guyanese capital of Georgetown. Tiffany and her mother return to Guyana for the first time in many years on a journey of discovery. Tiffany learns how much more Guyanese her mother really feels once she is “home” – and hears about the racism that Maureen encountered in her early years in Britain.

Wednesday 21 March -  From the Steppes to the Stage

 Internationally-acclaimed opera star Ariunbaatar Ganbaataar was born into a family of nomadic herders on the immense Mongolian steppe. In this hypnotic audio portrait, journalist Kate Molleson visits his family's ger to discover whether Mongolia's unique traditional culture – perhaps even its landscape itself – is the secret of his extraordinary vocal alchemy.

Thursday 22 March -  Food Confidential

Trade secrets are abundant in the food industry and becoming ever more important. The Food Chain is on a mission to find out why. We meet a so-called 'food hacker' who’ll recreate one of the world’s most iconic secret recipes for us, and we have a nose around a chocolate factory and try to unearth what goes into a good truffle.