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Monday  25 December  - I Won’t Farm #2 of 2
In the second episode to explore the problem of the world’s ageing agricultural workers Emily Thomas hears about some inNovemberative and surprising attempts to re-brand farming. (BBC)

Tuesday  26 December  - The Boundless Ambition of Gum
Chewing gum seems to be on a mission to reinvent itself. There’s little we’re told it can’t do these days - prevent tooth Decemberay, cure hangovers, even improve our vision. An expert on food regulation explains why the majority of gums with health claims are rejected, and presenter Emily Thomas meets a man who tried to solve one of gum’s stickiest and costliest problems. (BBC)

Wednesday  27 December  - Tanya Streeter: Free-Diver
Tanya Streeter made a remarkable dive – on just one breath of air – to the unimaginable depth of 160 metres. This was a dive that nearly went very badly wrong. As Tanya tells Steve Backshall – himself a world-class adventurer – she blacked-out seconds before she began the dive; she developed nitrogen narcosis – almost like being drunk – and struggled to remember how to release the pin that would return her to the surface. On the way back up she thinks she blacked out for a second time. (BBC)

Thursday  28 December  -Science Stories #2 of 4: Maria Merian
Maria Merian was born in 1647. At the time of her birth, Shakespeare had been dead for 30 years; Galileo had only just stood trial for arguing that the Earth moved around the Sun. And yet, here in Germany, was a child who would become an important but oft-forgotten figure of science. Naomi Alderman discusses the life and legacy of Maria Merian with biologist and historian Kay Etheridge from Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania and biologist Kathy Willis from Kew Gardens. (BBC)