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Monday  11 December  - Where's my African Takeaway
Emily Thomas examines why food from the African Continent is not readily found on the world stage. She talks to chefs from Nigeria, Senegal and Eritrea to hear what they think is holding their food back from achieving global prominence - is it economics, culture or taste? And what can be done about it? (BBC)


Tuesday  12 December  - Return to China
Kati returns to China, to meet her biological parents, two Decemberades after she was adopted by an American family after being abandoned under China's one-child policy. (BBC)


Wednesday  13 December  - Electric Cars
There is a motoring revolution underway: the fast accelerating switch from petrol and diesel cars, to electric vehicles. In Norway, almost 40% of new car purchases are now fully electric or hybrids. Other countries are starting to catch up, and are setting ambitious targets. Britain wants to ban the sale of all petrol and diesel cars by 2040. Motor manufacturers are investing vast sums in new electric models. Those who don't, risk being left behind.  And yet many drivers feel fear that the car battery will run out before they can recharge. And electric cars are not cheap to buy. (BBC)


Thursday 14 December  - Neurolaw and Order
The latest findings in neuroscience are increasingly affecting the justice system in America. Owen Jones, professor of law and biology at Vanderbilt University, explores where neurolaw is making its mark and where the discipline is heading. (BBC)