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Monday 6 November   Pony Tales
Emily Emily Thomas from the Food Chain programme examines the economics and politics around horse meat. She finds out if it could be more sustainable and healthier than beef, and examine the roots of the world's horse meat taboos.

Tuesday  7 November  - The Lost Children of ISIS
As they retreat from Northern Iraq so-called Islamic State has left thousands of women and children behind. Some are the abandoned families of IS fighters, others are being held as prisoners or slaves. There are also boys who were forced to fight for IS. A desperate effort is now underway to reunite these women and children with the families they have been separated from – and to rehabilitate those whose minds have been stolen by the group. Tim Whewell reports from Iraq on the children left behind by the fighters of Islamic state.

Thursday 9 November – The Red and the White: Retribution (#3 of 3)
In 1918, towards the end of World War One, tens of thousands of foreign troops, Americans and British among them, were ordered to Russia in what became known as the Allied Intervention.  In the final of the series The Red and the White:  Lucy Ash visits a 17th-century convent outside Arkhangelsk where thousands of so called counter revolutionaries were slaughtered during the Red Terror. Locals still find human remains scattered in nearby fields. Émigré memoirs contain terrifying accounts of mass drownings in the nearby river. They and many other Russians believe that the painful legacy of the war between Reds and Whites persists to the present day.