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Monday 30 October - Competitive Eating: The 'Gurgitators' (#2 of 2)
In the second episode to explore the curious appeal of competitive eating, presenter Emily Thomas gives it a go, and speaks to a doctor about the potential risks. We find out what goes on inside the body of a speed eater and just how big their stomachs get. Is it nature or nurture that allows people to consume such vast quantities of food? We also hear from a man who says competitive eating helped him get over anorexia nervosa, and find out what a psychiatrist thinks. (BBC)

Thursday  2 November - The Red and the White: Britain’s Arctic Prison (#2 of 3)
In 1918, towards the end of World War One, thousands of foreign troops, Americans and British among them, were ordered to Russia in what became known as the Allied Intervention. Winston Churchill saw the foreign troops as anti-Communists, on a crusade to strangle the Bolshevik State at birth. In the second part of her  examination of what happened, Lucy Ash today tells the story of a notorious prison they ran on the White Sea. (BBC)