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Monday 11 September - The Dutch Antibiotic Revolution
How Holland has cut the amount of antibiotics it gives to its livestock by 70%. (BBC) 

Tuesday 12 September -Bulgaria on a Cliff Edge
What’s it like to live in the country with the fastest-shrinking population in the world?  In the mountain village of Kalotinsi in western Bulgaria, there is no shop, no school, no bus service. Until a few decades ago, 600 people lived here but now most of the houses stand empty. Thirteen residents remain, struggling to make a life in a place most people have given up on. Ruth Alexander travels to the country to find out what life is like for those left behind, and to ask what is being done to reverse the population decline  (BBC) 

Thursday14 September - Finding a Food Champion
The Food chain goes in search of a Food Champion.  We hear about the four shortlisted projects hoping to be named The Food Chain Global Champion, including an insect-based cooking oil, a beekeeper empowering women in northern India, a maggot-based animal feed, and a global movement seeking to transform food and agriculture.  (BBC)