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Monday 21 August -  Darkness at Noon
The most watched eclipse in history take place across the United States tomorrow Physicist Dr Frank Close, who dates his own childhood interest in science to witnessing an eclipse, examines the mythology and psychology behind eclipses. (BBC)


Tuesday 22 August - Venezuela - A Week In The Life Of A Country In Chaos
Venezuela has some of the largest oil reserves in the world but incredibly, around four in five Venezuelans live in poverty. The BBC's South America correspondent, Katy Watson, went to cover the unfolding political and economic crisis in Venezuela and found a country divided. (BBC)


Thursday 24 August - Stockpiles? What Stockpiles?
Emily Thomas goes on the hunt for the world’s biggest stashes of food. From forgotten World War Two food sheds to Switzerland’s stockpiling sirens, which companies and governments are storing food in bulk? Where are they keeping it? Who can access it? And, if disaster strikes, will any get to you? (BBC)