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Monday 14 August - Resistance and Repression in Venezuela
In Venezuela daily protests against President Maduro’s government have resulted in scores of deaths. Inflation, malnutrition and even starvation are on the rise. The BBC has spoken to activists who say the government is using torture, and imprisonment without trial, against those who oppose it – a claim the government denies. So who are the people hoping to overthrow President Maduro? For Assignment, Vladimir Hernandez reports from Caracas. (BBC)



Tuesday 15 August - Pakistan, Partition and the Present - Part One
In Pakistan they are racing against time to record the memories of those who witnessed Partition: people like Syed Afzal Haider, now in his late 80s, who recalls, as a 15-year-old, creeping through the deserted streets of Lahore and watching dogs sniffing around the scattered corpses.  Hundreds of thousands died in 1947 as Muslims were driven across the partition line into the newly created Pakistan and Hindus and Sikhs were forced in the opposite direction. (BBC)


Thursday 17 August - Pakistan, Partition and the Present - Part Two
Has Pakistan has lived up to the vision of its founder, Mohammad Ali Jinnah - to create a unified national identity for the country with Islam as the great unifying factor? Pakistan was founded as a homeland for the Muslims of the Indian sub-continent, but religion, nationality and gender have caused faultlines in the region.(BBC)