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Monday 31 July - Inside Transgender Pakistan
Inside Trans Pakistan explores the tension between the emerging transgender identity in Pakistan and the established ‘third gender’ culture. Mobeen Azhar meets Kami and Mani, one of the few openly transgender men in the country. (BBC)

Tuesday 1 August - Stravinsky in South Africa
Michael Dingaan tells the story of Igor Stravinsky’s ground-breaking 1962 concert for a black audience in apartheid South Africa. (BBC)


Wednesday 2 August - Yangon Renaissance: Poets Punks and Painters
Myanmar as seen through the eyes of Yangon’s young artists, writers and musicians. (BBC)


Thursday 3 August - Have We Cracked The Nut Problem?
It’s a food problem that can prove fatal - and we might be about to crack it. The first licensed medicines to treat peanut allergy are close to being approved by regulators. But we ask – why has it taken so long? (BBC)