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Monday 24 July - The Battle for Raqqa
On the frontline with the female Kurdish fighters liberating Raqqa and fighting for equality. Gabriel Gatehouse meets these extraordinary women as he reports from the besieged Syrian town which has been in the hands of the group that calls itself Islamic State since 2014. The Kurdish fighters are led by a woman called “Sonxuin” whose name means “Red Blood”.  They’re there to bring about an end to the brutal regime of Islamic State and its self-declared caliphate. Raqqa is now surrounded by the Syrian Democratic Forces, a US-backed force made up largely of an alliance of Arabs and Kurds. It may be months before the city falls, but when it does it will mean – effectively – the end of the IS caliphate. But what then? (BBC)

Tuesday 25 July - Reclaiming Karachi
Noreen Shams Khan visits different corners of Karachi to meet young people who typify citizen-led initiatives that are reclaiming the city's pride and public spaces from warring gangs, terrorists and criminals.(BBC)

Wednesday 26 July -  The End of Sand
Sand is almost literally the foundation of our society. Nearly everything we build in the modern world has a concrete foundation and you cannot make concrete without sand. But the world is consuming it faster than it is being replenished. Yogita Limaye investigates concerns, highlighted in a United Nations study, that vitally important reserves of sand are running out.(BBC)

Thursday 27 July - Health Lessons With The Hadza
The Hadza are a tribe of hunter gatherers who could be the last remaining link to our ancient food past. We join them as they hunt and forage, eating baobab for breakfast and enjoying some very unusual honey, all in the quest to discover the ideal human diet. (BBC)