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Monday 17 July - Salam to Queen and Country
India's Bollywood film industry is famous for its songs, dancing and racy heroines. But at the beginning, Bollywood did not even have heroine. The earliest silent films were all-male productions, and in the 1920s and '30s, Bombay’s Hindu and Muslim women would not act on screen; there was a taboo against women showing their bodies. However the vacuum did not last and another community soon stepped in. Noreen Khan explores the untold story of how Jewish women became the first female superstars of Indian cinema. (BBC)

Tuesday 18 July - Salam to Queen and Country
Muslims in the British army have faced criticism from some members of their own communities, who were opposed to what they saw as taking up arms against fellow Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. So how do the soldiers feel about it themselves?  Our feature From the World this morning finds out what it's like to serve as a Muslim in the British Army today. (BBC)

Thursday 20 July -   Hunting with the Hadza
Most of humanity these days is fed by farming. Just a handful of people in Africa still live like our ancient ancestors as pure hunter-gatherers, who grow nothing, and practice no form of farming. Researchers are studying their diet in the hope that they may provide insights into human development and the  link between the food we eat today, and the crucial microbiomes we carry in our digestive systems. Using these discoveries, the last  hunter-gatherers can help give us much needed ideas for our food future. (BBC)