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Monday 10 July - Macron's Quest
Emmanuel Macron has become France's youngest-ever President at the age of 39, creating a new political movement out of nothing. But who is the former banker and civil servant and how did he rise so far so fast? The BBC's Paris correspondent Lucy Williamson speaks to his old friends, colleagues and his biographer to find out how this son of two provincial doctors - who once dreamed of being a novelist or actor - has made it to the top of French politics. (BBC)

Tuesday 11 July - Give Back the Land
A  white South African land owner, together with the workers on the farm he inherited, have embarked on a bold project to share ownership of the land they all love and live on. This is the story of their struggles and triumphs as they find a way to give back the land. (BBC)

Thursday 13 July - Fortification: Too Much of a Good thing?
Every day, most of us will eat something that has been fortified with micronutrients – small amounts of minerals and vitamins. But who is adding them to our food - and why? And does a focus on fortification by development agencies mean valuable resources have been diverted from tackling underlying causes of malnutrition in the developing world?  (BBC)