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Monday 26 Jun  - Get Out Of Jail Free
On any given day there are around half a million people detained in American jails without being convicted of a crime. One big reason for this is America's unique system of cash bail. When bail is set, those who can afford it go free to await their trial. Those who can't - often the poor, minorities, the mentally ill - either take their chances with commercial bail-bondsmen, or go to jail. For Assignment, James Fletcher visits New York to hear the stories of those caught up in the machinery of American justice. (BBC)

Tuesday 27 Jun  - Germany: Reluctant Giant
Why is Germany such a reluctant military power? Germany has grown in international influence. And its potential military role has been hitting the headlines. US President Donald Trump’s criticised Germany in particular for not spending enough on defence. And Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that Europe can no longer completely depend on the US - or the UK after Brexit. Germany, she argues, must do more in the military sphere. But Germans themselves are very reluctant to do this. As Chris Bowlby discovers in this documentary, German pacifism has grown since World War Two, when Nazi armies caused such devastation. Today’s German army, the Bundeswehr, was meant to be a model citizen's force. But it’s often poorly funded and treated with suspicion by its own population. (BBC)

Thursday 29 Jun  - Food Secrets of Centenarians
The Food Chain unravels of the food secrets of  Centenarians and explores the link, if any, between longevity and food consumption.  Emily Thomas explores  whether despite having a greater variety of food available, and an ever growing abundance of dietary information, are younger generations able to replicate the diets of the oldest people on earth? And, what is the scientific evidence for the link between diet and a longer life? (BBC)