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Monday 29 May  - Hands Off My Food!
When it comes to aspects of cultural life being shared, adopted or borrowed in an increasingly globalised world - where more so than food? But should a culture be able to claim ownership of a cuisine, and should you profit from food that isn’t culturally your own?  The BBC's Emily Thomas explores the cultural appropriation of food starting in Ottawa Canada where a group of New Zealanders are objecting to the marketing of an energy drink. From there we go to Tennessee in the US where Rachel Martin, a food historian tells us how Hot Chicken has become Nashville’s favourite dish, and why she’s a little uncomfortable about how this happened.(BBC)

Tuesday 30 May  - The Sex Slaves of Al-Shabaab
This is the untold story of a group of Kenyan women who have managed to escape enslavement by the Islamist militant group Al-Shabaab in Somalia (BBC)

Wednesday 31 May  -  The Sound of Soweto #1 of 2
In a two part documentary Thabiso Mohare ( Tow-bees-oh Mow-har-ree) tells the story of Soweto through its music… The unique neighbourhood of Sophiatown in Johannesburg, a mixed area with a vibrant jazz scene was razed during the Apartheid era to make way for white housing. But the music and what it represented, survived through clubs and jazz appreciation societies (BBC)

Thursday 1 Jun  - Robots #2 of 3
Robots are becoming present in our lives, as companions, carers and as workers. Adam Rutherford explores our relationship with these machines. (BBC)