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Monday 24 April - Celebrating Life at 117
An affectionate portrait of Elizabeth  Koinange - a woman who lives a short drive outside Nairobi where she celebrated her 117th birthday this year. Her story, and that of her family, is told by Elizabeth's own great-granddaughter. The joy of family life is captured as many generations come together. But it is a short mental journey to the past and more turbulent times when torture and death awaited some Kenyans who opposed British Colonial rule (BBC)

Tuesday 25 April – Little Kitchen of Horrors
The scary, creepy, and spooky stories that people like to tell about what we eat. From the man-eating giants of Ancient Greek mythology, to the real story of Hansel and Gretel, the BBC’s Kent DePinto discusses why some of our scariest stories are about food and what that tells us about the societies that like to share them. We will also hear why many of those stories have their origins in agriculture and early economic systems. And what are we so afraid of? The social science behind why our bodies react to scary stories. (BBC) ** The content in this BBC The Food Chain programme requires a fairly strong stomach. So if you’ve got children with you, or you’re a bit squeamish yourself, best to look away now. **

Wednesday 26 April –  Living With The Dead
Among  the Torajan people on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi  the dead are a constant presence, with corpses often kept in family homes for many years. When funerals are eventually held, they don’t mean goodbye. Once every couple of years, the dead are dug back out for a big family reunion.  Reporter Sahar Zand enters one of  these communities to explore the tradition(BBC)

Thursday 27 April - Mirrored
From childhood to old age, a journey through life reflected in the mirror – via a series of interviews recorded with people as they confront their reflection in the mirror. What do they see? How has their face changed? What stories lie behind the wrinkles and scars? We hear the initial wonder of the small child give way to the embarrassment of the teenager and the acceptance of later-life. Created by multi-award-winning documentary-maker, Cathy FitzGerald, this moving programme hops from home to home in contemporary Britain, catching its subjects in bedrooms and bathrooms and lounges, in order to hold up a mirror to the ageing process itself. (BBC)