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Monday 17 April – Africa's Digital Poets
Johannesburg-based poet Thabiso Mohare (‘Afurakan’) looks at how digital platforms are serving poets across the continent, from emerging writers to established voices, and particularly those carrying forward ancient oral traditions. He meets the poets and entrepreneurs spearheading developments, and explores the possibilities of what the digital space can offer poets in African countries where there is a lack of publishing infrastructure, or publishers are pulling back from poetry. (BBC)

Wednesday 19 April – Project Le Pen
As a populist wave sweeps across the Western world, France is emerging as a key battleground. Marine Le Pen is scoring record ratings for a leader of an "outsider" party and looks set to get through to the second round of the presidential elections.  What accounts for her popularity? How much is it to do with an increasingly familiar politics which blames global elites and immigrants for economic and social woes? Anand Menon examines how Marine Le Pen has detoxified her father's party and asks what its success says about France's future as one of two anchoring states of the EU. (BBC)

Thursday 20 April – Brexit and Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK that shares a land border with the European Union. It voted to stay in the EU in last year’s referendum. Tens of thousands of people cross between Northern Ireland and the Republican of Ireland every day to work. So, how is business – large and small – preparing for Brexit? And what is the potential impact for the vitally important agriculture industry? Matthew Gwyther travels around Northern Ireland to find out. (BBC)