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Monday 6 March – Post-Truth Food
Post-Truth Food explores why stories about food shortages take hold so quickly – whether they are true or not. We’ll start with a popular food story from recent weeks, which warned the US could be running out of bacon. Brad Tuttle, journalist with Time Magazine separates the facts from the fiction. The programme asks What can be done about all this confusion in a world where we are bombarded with information - and increasingly hear that we shouldn't believe much of what we are told? In a post-truth world, are we even more susceptible to exaggerated or untrue stories?(BBC)

Tuesday 7 March – World Mayor
The first World Parliament of Mayors was convened in the Hague in September seeking to give mayors a stronger political voice internationally. The driving idea is that cities, where the majority of the world population now lives, have much in common with one another and that the challenges they face – migration, health, trade, climate change, security, terrorism – are issues that cross national borders. Lesley Curwin visits the mayors of cities from Helsinki to Bogota, from Los Angeles to Rotterdam and Cape Town to discover why citizens are putting their faith in the ability of local government and a charismatic mayor to deliver a better quality of life and solutions to 21st Century problems.(BBC)

Wednesday 8 March – The World According to Studs Terkel #1 of 2
The first of two programmes on American radio host Studs Terkel.  For 45 years, Studs hosted a radio show on Chicago's WFMT, interviewing all the key figures in cultural life in the latter half of the 20th Century.  But Studs Terkel was more than a celebrated chronicler of American life – in books of oral history about music, the world of work, race relations and the American Dream. As is revealed through extracts from his archive and from interviews recorded by Alan Hall in the years before his death in 2008, Studs came to embody the liberal conscience of America, extolling a worldview that feels strikingly relevant in the era of President Trump. Part one focusses on Studs’ interest in social action and political commitment including Martin Luther King, Bertrand Russell and Simone De Beauvoir.(BBC)

Thursday 9 March –  Voice of the iceberg (RNZ)