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Monday 27 February – Wheelchair Fajitas and Talking Scales
Food is how we structure everyday life. For some people living with disabilities, the smallest of culinary tasks can be very frustrating and difficult.  This programme explores the experiences of disabled people in the workforce and as consumers and looks at the important role food plays for people who have, or acquire, a disability.(BBC)

Tuesday 28 February  -  Dalida - A Life Unbearable
While researching his acclaimed biography of Marianne Faithfull, journalist and broadcaster Mark Hodkinson heard her compared to a singer called Dalida. Unfamiliar with her name, he wanted to find out more. He discovered one of music's most tragic stories.Over her 40-year-career Dalida sold 170 million records, won 55 Gold Record awards and had 19 number one singles in Europe, Middle East, Canada, Russia and Japan. When Le Monde newspaper published a poll in 1988 of personalities who had made the 'greatest impact on French society', Dalida was voted second to General de Gaulle. Despite her success, the former Miss Egypt is remembered for a personal life mired in tragedy.(BBC)

Wednesday 1 March - Greece’s Forgotten Teenagers
There are an estimated 2,300 unaccompanied migrant children in Greece, most of whom arrived from Syria and Afghanistan via Turkey. Like the thousands of other migrants there they had no intention of staying but saw Greece as a stopping off point en-route to the rest of Europe. But all that changed in March 2016 when Greece closed its borders following a deal struck between the EU and Turkey.  The BBC's Phil Kemp heads to Greece in search of the teenagers living by their wits in the desolate and ill equipped refugee camps and on the streets of Athens.(BBC)
Thursday 2 March – Voice of the iceberg (RNZ)