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Monday 6 February - The Queen of Creole
Meet 94-year-old Leah Chase. For 70 years she has led the kitchen at New Orleans famous Dooky Chase restaurant. During her time, she’s hosted US Presidents, civil rights activists, and music legends from Ray Charles to Michael Jackson. Her specialty is serving creole classics like gumbo, fried chicken and sweet potatoes. This week, in collaboration with BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme, the BBC’s Dan Saladino sits down with Leah as she tells her story through the food she’s cooked - and asks whether a restaurant can change the course of a country(BBC)

Tuesday 7 February - Atom Man
A programme following the journey of an American 'cold warrior' from nuclear deterrence to nuclear disarmament. Former US Secretary of Defence William J Perry has spent his entire seven-decade career on the nuclear brink.  Now Secretary Perry is worried. Very worried. President Trump and President Putin are both ramping up their bellicose rhetoric. Mr Perry sees an increasing risk of nuclear conflagration in South Asia and the Korean peninsula, and in the face of an on-going terrorism threat, he is concerned unsecured nuclear materials could fall into the wrong hands.  In an interview with Edward Stourton, Secretary Perry reflects on the nuclear nightmare, and lays out his formula for nuclear security in our changing world.(BBC)

Wednesday 8 February - Chimp Smuggling
The BBC exposes the illegal trade in baby chimpanzees, captured in Africa and exported to the Gulf or Asia as pets or for private zoos. Capturing a baby chimp means killing the parents and often other adult chimpanzees. The trade is starting to threaten chimp populations in the wild. Although they can be kept as pets as babies, adult chimps can be dangerous and so they are often killed once they are fully grown.(BBC)

Thursday 9 February - Unarmed Black Male
Late last year, a highly unusual trial concluded in the United States: A policeman was charged with first degree murder. US police officer Stephen Rankin had  shot and killed the 18 year old black suspect, William Chapman.  Chapman was just one of 306 black men who were killed by police in the US that year, but just 14 police officers faced any charges - Rankin was one of them.  This evening's Window on the World is a powerful documentary following the drama as the trial unfolds.(BBC)