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Monday 30 January - The NHS: The Recruitment Dilemma

Since its inception in the 1940s, the National Health Service in Britain has relied on doctors and nurses trained overseas. How does it plan for the workforce it requires? Doctor-turned-journalist Smitha Mundasad, asks why the NHS is currently facing a recruitment crisis on so many fronts. She'll ask what impact Brexit could have. Can pharmacists, physician associates and other health workers do the work of doctors, who take longer to train and cost more to employ? And will the NHS start training more of its workforce?

Tuesday 31 January - The Friday Game

In the shadow of Dubai’s skyscrapers, the sight of men playing cricket on sandy lots beside the road every Friday is so common that it almost goes unnoticed. This is their story - a story of migration and opportunity, loneliness and brotherhood.

Wednesday 1 February - A Little Bit Pregnant

Malawi’s parliament is now poised to vote on a controversial Termination of Pregnancy Bill after more than two years of fierce debate and consultation. If the legislation passes, it will bring this southern African state into line with many other countries in Europe and North America, where abortion is permitted if the mother or baby's life is in danger, in instances of rape or incest, or where going ahead with the pregnancy would present a mental or physical health risk to the woman. But as Chipiliro Kansilanga reports, the issue has split Malawian society and put many politicians and health officials at odds with religious leaders.

Thursday 2 February - The Rise of RB Leipzig

RB Leipzig, a German football team, has been hugely successful in its short eight-year existence. But it is widely derided in much of Germany as the creature of a multinational company more interested in selling cans of energy drink than winning football matches. Tim Mansel reports for Assignment on the rise of RB Leipzig and what it tells us about the continuing east/west divisions within Germany.