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Monday 16 January - Mexico and Mr Trump

How is Mexico preparing for the presidency of Donald Trump? During the election campaign Mr Trump promised to tear up trade agreements with Mexico, build a border wall and send back millions of illegal Mexican immigrants. Caroline Bayley travels to Mexico to find out how the country feels about the US's new president and what impact his policies might have on Mexico.

Tuesday 17 January - The Future of the Climate Deal

The incoming administration of President Trump has frightened many in the international environmental community. The result of US election in November was announced during the 2016 Marrakech UN Climate Change Conference, a meeting where most delegates were working to deliver on the promises of the previous Paris accord. Instead, a new US direction seemed to have emerged, with some in the new US cabinet going so far as to suggest the US should withdraw altogether from Paris, scrap the US’s own Clean Power act, and re-open coal mines. Roger Harrabin explores whether the Climate Deal is dead, and whether the EU and other countries, such as China and India, might follow the Trump suit and relax their low-carbon initiatives.

Wednesday 18 January - Remote Control War

When Donald Trump takes office, he will inherit sweeping powers to kill terrorists and militants. And he is likely to do it by deploying what the US Air Force call Remotely Piloted Aircraft, but which go by a more common name - drones. Vin Ray looks at the challenges facing the drone programme and how drones are fundamentally changing the face of warfare.

Thursday 19 January - The Muhammadan Bean

Journalist Abdul-Rehman Malik leads us on a journey to Turkey as he investigates the forgotten history of his beloved beverage. He discovers that coffee was popularised by Sufi mystics in the Yemen who used the drink as a way of energising themselves during their nocturnal devotions. Coffee was drunk in the sacred Mosque of Mecca itself, until the religious authorities issued a fatwa against it in the 16th Century. With no pubs and inns in sight, coffee-houses would bring about a social revolution within the Islamic world.