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Monday 2 January - The Woman Who Tamed Lightning

Naomi Alderman tells the story of Hertha Marks Ayrton, the first woman to be admitted to the Institution of Electrical Engineers, who improved electric arc lights

Tuesday 3 January - Corporations and the Arts

Who pays for the arts, who should pay for the arts? In the UK, there is controversy about corporate sponsorship of arts organisations - particularly oil companies. In the US, there is a very different approach and state funding is much lower. Andrew Dickson examines the funding models and speaks to BP as well as a number of leading arts organisations.

Wednesday 4 January - Open Ear #3 of 4 : Life's Holiday

An intimate portrait of European dementia patients whose care has been “subcontracted” to nursing homes in Thailand. We hear from inside a home in a suburb of Chiang Mai where Thai staff care for patients from Switzerland and Germany. It costs perhaps between a third and a half of equivalent, or arguably better, care in the patients’ home countries. We hear the funny and warm interactions between the two very different cultures – and the astonishment of the Thai staff at the way that Europe treats its senior citizens.

Thursday 5 January - The Year Everything Changed

2016 was the year of 'post-truth' politics; fake news and when some of the foundations of how global politics and trade are determined have been questioned. In many ways this has been a year when the silent majority has become vocal, and when old certainties have been questioned. 2016 has also been a year when the internet has proved to be about something much more than about educating and connecting – and as a result has it made us not just less informed, but dangerously ill-informed and disconnected? Reporting from mainland Europe, the UK and the United States, the BBC’s Allan Little examines what really happened in the last 12 months and asks, what next?