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Monday 26 December - Brexit and the Future of Farming

What will Brexit mean for the future of British farms? The EU has been subsidising agriculture - via the Common Agricultural Policy - for decades, and there is a tariff-free market for produce. Jonty Bloom looks at the challenges that lie ahead.

Tuesday 27 December - Testosterone: Elixir of Masculinity

Testosterone has been claimed as one of the most important drivers of human life – through the agency of sex and aggression. Naomi Alderman explores how testosterone had been used and abused in the past. She considers the credits and deficits of its story, and asks what it can tell us about identity and masculinity.

Wednesday 28 December - Open Ear # 2 of 4 (Indonesia)

The second of four in a series called Open Ear which features documentaries from producers across the world. Rebecca Henschke tells the story of an extraordinary ritual at Indonesia's sex mountain.

Thursday 29 December - Punk Art and Protest in Malaysia

Earlier this year, punk-inspired artist Fahmi Reza captured public dissatisfaction with an artwork caricaturing the Malaysian PM as a clown. The image went viral, earning Reza comparisons to street-art provocateur Banksy. It also got him arrested and charged, one of an increasing number of Malaysians facing prison as the government ramps up its suppression of free speech and dissent. James Fletcher travels to Malaysia on the eve of a major protest rally in Kuala Lumpur.