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Monday 21 November - City Rebuild

How do you move a city? Lesley Riddoch travels to Arctic Sweden to find out. Kiruna is gradually sliding into Europe's biggest iron ore mine. The city has to be rebuilt two miles away. That requires an extraordinary blend of planning, architecture, technology and stoicism. If anyone can do it then it's the Swedes.

Tuesday 22 November - Country Down Under

Country music is commonly associated with downtrodden, lovelorn, white inhabitants of America's rural south, but it has also long been a significant form of expression for Australia's Aboriginal peoples. Our Feature From The World.    tells how Aboriginal people were able to give voice to their personal experiences and on-going struggles for justice.

Wednesday 23 November

RNZ Programme replacement #5 of 8 My Heels Are Killing Me

Thursday 24 November - Cleansing Turkey

Thousands of public employees in Turkey have been ‘purged’ by the government for being associated with the Gulen movement and the recent coup attempt. Tim Whewell travels across the country to meet some of those struggling to regain their jobs who say the government’s just used the coup as an excuse to get rid of opponents - and others who insist President Erdogan’s only aim is to make Turkey safe for democracy