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Monday 14 November 

RNZ Programme replacement – Earthquakes & Science


Tuesday 15 November - Prisons for Rent in the Netherlands

There’s a shortage of criminals in the Netherlands. Prisons are becoming empty and are being shut down. Out of 50 penal institutions, 19 have closed already, with a further eight earmarked for closure. Some are being hired out to foreign governments or used to house refugees. Lucy Ash travels to the Netherlands to discover a falling crime rate is only part of the issue. Lucy visits a Dutch prison that has been rented out to Norway and now houses offenders convicted there. She talks to everyone from prison guards and governors to the police and the head of the Dutch prisons service to find out what’s happening with Dutch prisons.(BBC)


Wednesday 16 November
RNZ Programme replacement - Earthquake coverage


Thursday 10 November 

RNZ Programme replacement From Zero  Episode-2