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Monday 7 November - Sun King

Meet Huang Ming, the undisputed leader of China's booming solar industry. He's the Chinese inventor who describes himself as 'the number one crazy solar guy in the world'. Huang Ming, an engineer, prominent political figure and businessman is leading the way with his foundation of Solar Valley. In 800 acres of land south of Beijing he employs 3000 people in solar research, development and manufacture. Peter Hadfield visits Solar Valley to see the fruits of the sun, from a solar-powered yurt to the world's biggest solar-powered building. He asks if Huang Ming can persuade his nation to turn its back on coal and oil and angle its face toward the sun.

Tuesday 8 November - Calais Jungle

At the end of October the French authorities dismantled the Calais migrant camp known as the 'Jungle', where thousands of people from as far away as Africa and the Middle East lived in squalid conditions, hoping to enter the UK. The BBC's Gavin Lee spent time in the camp as its last days unfolded, meeting some of its inhabitants and finding out how they reacted to its demise - and the end of their British dreams.

Wednesday 9 November
RNZ Programme replacement #4 of 8 My Heels Are Killing Me

Thursday 10 November
RNZ Programme replacement  #3 of 3 - The Oldest Profession