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Monday 17 October - Black Holes: A Tale of Cosmic Death and Rebirth

Black holes remain the most powerful and mysterious objects in the universe. But recent discoveries of gravitational waves formed by collisions of black holes have given scientists a new insight into these strange objects.

Tuesday 18 October - Mexico: The Town that Said ‘No’

Linda Pressly tells the story of Cheran, a town in the western state of Michoacan which was the birthplace of the Mexican drug war. A mainly indigenous community, Cheran is unique in that it has no mayor, no police, no political parties and no local elections. The town governs itself, after it fought and won a legal battle for political autonomy.

Wednesday 19 October
RNZ Programme replacement #1 of 8 - My Heels Are Killing Me.

Thursday 20 October - Moving Pictures #2 of 3

2. A Flower Painting by Rachel Ruysch: What's hiding in the undergrowth of Rachel Ruysch's bold and beautiful flower painting? This is a world where buds hiss like snakes, poppies twirl and tiny insects devour - a vibrant, fertile jungle, full of uncanny life. Cathy FitzGerald talks to art-experts, garden historians and artists - and asks why this brilliant painter - one of the most sought-after of her age - is so little known today